Dota 2 signups end, Valve's MOBA is now open to everyone

by: Sam -
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Ever since its official release Valve's free to play MOBA Dota 2 has required new users to enter a sign up queue to get into the game. This was presumably because they wanted to ensure their servers could handle all of the new traffic. However as of this week Valve has announced that the Age of Signups is over and the floodgates are open for anyone to join in. In addition to this, the game also has a new recruitment feature. If you recruit a friend to play Dota 2 with you, both of you will get bonus experience until the new player hits level 10. 

Dota 2's holiday event Frostivus is still going on, and the game also recently added ranked matchmaking so this is as good a time as ever to start playing one of the best game of the year. Get the game free on Steam right here.


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