Dota 2 "Three Spirits" update is now live, includes Diretide

by: Sam -
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Dota 2's "Three Spirits" update went live last night bringing a number of additions to the game including two new characters as well as the Diretide event. The update is named for the two new characters, Earth Spirit and Ember Spirit, and their preexisting relative Storm Spirit who received a redesign with the update. Although these heroes existed in the original Warcraft 3 mod DotA they are brand new to series newcomers like myself. Similar to Storm Spirit, Earth and Ember sound like very unique characters that will require some practice to get used to but can potentially be devastating.

The other big news to come out of this update is the inclusion of Diretide the Halloween event that went missing this year and caused a stir in the Dota 2 community. Valve is trying to right that wrong by including the mode now, which alters Dota's gameplay to include trick or treating and turns optional boss Roshan into a hungry candy addict that will track you down to get his fix. Fight him off to earn great rewards, but do it quick because this event will only be live for two weeks, ending on the 28th.

Smaller changes include a new coaching mode that will allow a sixth player to join your Dota team to observe and teach players while they play. You can now also craft and socket your items to change their appearance or make them into something new altogether. To see all the details, hit the link below. 


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