Dota 2 Fantasy League starting with DreamLeague Season 1

by: Sam -
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Fantasy sports leagues have grown more and more popular over the years, so i wasn't surprised to hear that Dota 2 was starting up a fantasy league of their own, starting just in time for DreamLeague Season 1, which starts March 3rd. Dota Fantasy League will function very similar to other fantasy leagues. You can have six people in each league, and each person chooses eight pros to be on their team. These pros must fit specific roles like Core or Support. To enter the fantasy league you must buy the DreamLeague tournament pass for $10, and all proceeds are added to the tournament prize pool, which starts at $100,000. 

I'm a big fan of Dota 2, but I'm not sure if I know enough about the pro players to make an effective roster. Still, if this becomes a common thing I will definitely do my best to participate. 


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