Dorkly's latest Toplist counts down the top 15 generation one Pokemon

by: Russell -
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For those who visit on a regular basis, you might have seen an area where you can help determine the top fifteen Pokemon from the first generation in the franchise found in Pokemon Red and Blue.  You would be presented with two Pokemon (for instance, Zapdos vs. Dodrio) and you had to pick one, then you'd get another pairing.  This went on for a while (and trust me when I say some of the decisions were really mean...I think I got Zapdos vs. Alakazam one time), but the wait is over and the list compiled.  Here is the Dorkly Toplist for the Top 15 Generation One Pokemon (gonig to the actual article on Dorkly will also give a little paragraph about that Pokemon):

  • #15: Snorlax
  • #14: Lapras
  • #13: Haunter
  • #12: Zapdos
  • #11: Articuno
  • #10: Scyther (I'm a proud Scyther it beat out not one but TWO of the legendary birds)
  • #9: Alakazam
  • #8: Gyrados
  • #7: Arcanine
  • #6: Gengar
  • #5: Dragonite
  • #4: Mew
  • #3: Blastoise
  • #2: Mewtwo
  • #1: Charizard
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