Doom II RPG hits the AppStore

by: Jeremy -
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 id Software quietly released the RPG version of their classic Doom II onto the AppStore this week without making much fuss in the media.  The game takes that classic FPS game and turns it into a turn based, dungeon-crawler-esque RPG with enhanced graphics and touch controls.  Doom II RPG is available on the iTunes AppStore for $3.99 and offers multiple playable characters, multiple difficulties, and 8+ hours of gameplay.  The adventure spans all of the familiar territory that the original version of the game covered, taking you to the Moon and even to the bowels of Hell.  If the previous RPG versions of id's games are any indication of what we can expect, specifically both the Wolfenstein and Doom RPG's for the mobile platforms, this game should be a winner.  Having played through the Wolfenstein RPG on the iPhone last year, I can assure you that the game transfers to the new genre surprisingly well.  This game deserves a lot more fanare than it is being given... it is definitely worth checking out...

Thanks to TouchGen and TouchArcade for the screenshots!

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