Don't look back in this new Daylight trailer

by: Sean Colleli -
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Atlus is branching out from their usual niche JRPGs and quirky simulation games with Daylight from Zombie Studios. Coming to PC and PS4 sometime early this year, it's easy to get an Outlast vibe from its latest trailer. That said, the emphasis on mysticism, ghosts and holy relics gives the game its own aesthetic character, and the fact that it's a procedurally generated survival horror game really has me intrigued. The one fatal flaw of horror games is that they're like horror movies--it's not so scary once you've seen all the scares and know what's coming. But if the levels and mazes change with every playthrough...

The latest trailer for Daylight, the first person psychological horror game from indie developer Zombie Studios, is testament to the isolated feeling that permeates the derelict Mid Island Hospital and beyond.

Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Daylight's procedurally generated levels ensure that no door, hallway, life-saving flare or clue to the main character's past are ever in the same place twice. Oh, and just as the trailer warns, sometimes it's best not to look behind you.

Daylight will release in early 2014 for a global audience on both PC and as a console exclusive for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system.
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