Does God of War III have a firm release date?

by: Jeremy -
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 According to Gamestop it does.  Now while this isn't officially from Sony... Gamestop is known for nailing release dates and being pretty accurate when they post a release date on a game, especially this close to it's release.  The Gamestop website has updated its listing(s) for God of War III to reflect a release date of March 16, 2010.  There it is, less than two months from now.  All that we knew from an official standpoint was that it would launch sometime in March... now we may have the specific day singled out.  After playing through the God of War III demo for the first time this past weekend and have to see that this is easily one of the early contenders for 2010 game of the year.  Hopefully the full game is as good as the demo was, because judging from the official Sony demo, this game will be incredible...
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