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Alien After All's downloadable DSiWare game, DodoGo!, is now available for purchase. The game is a cute little puzzler platformer where you guide dodo eggs to a nest, navigating a series of traps and hazards such as pits and of course, dinosaurs. It reminds me of Scribblenauts a little bit with some Kirby or Mario elements. The game is 800 Wii Points (around 8 bucks) which is a good deal for a creative new platformer these days. If only bringing the woolly mammoth or thylacine back from extinction could be this cute.

Players Are Summoned to Save the Dodo Species from Extinction in
Alien After All's and Neko Entertainment's DSiWare Release

PARIS - FRANCE, April 26, 2010 - Alien After All, the French digital entertainment designer and production company, in co-production with Neko Entertainment, today announced DodoGo! is now available on the Nintendo DSi™. In DodoGo! players are challenged with saving the endangered Dodo species from obliteration as they evade the threat of constant danger in this action-adventure strategy game.

Demanding both wit and skill, DodoGo! tasks players with guiding fragile Dodo eggs across nearly 100 levels of inhospitable environments while avoiding obstacles, pitfalls and threatening predators. Players will use the DSi™ stylus to interact with the environment in ten unique ways, manipulating the eggs to either stop, regroup, catapult, jump, complete U - turns, climb or cushion falls.

"Most scientists think that the Dodo bird has been extinct since the 1600s, but this new title for the Nintendo DSi will give players a 'stylush' chance to interact with the Dodo in the 21st century," said Denis Mercier, creator and director of DodoGo! "With DodoGo! we aimed to bring an all-new form of engaging gameplay that will challenge the imagination and creativity of players of all ages."

DodoGo! offers an absorbing, entertaining experience across nearly 100 levels of Domo Island. There is also a special Bonus Stage game mode where the player will work to unlock Jokers, Avatars and Costumes.
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