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Aren't you glad you hopped on to GamingNexus at this exact moment?  Your day is about to get even better with these new Frogger Returns screen shots.  The game is being developed for release on WiiWare and the PSN.  Konami released the screens below showing what it will look like on each. 

Who doesn't love some hot frog-on-pavement action?  I know I do.  Features of the game include enhanced graphics, all-new levels, multiple gameplay mode, and local multiplayer options.  Look for the game to be released this month. 


Enhanced Graphics Display Frogger in New Environments for the PlayStation®Network and WiiWare™

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today revealed new screenshots for Frogger Returns, a new downloadable title coming this November to the PlayStation®Network and Nintendo WiiWare™. A direct descendent of the timeless arcade game, Frogger Returns introduces a few upgrades to the franchise while staying true to its addictive dodge-and-run gameplay. Streets, sewers, subways and numerous other obstacles and enemies cross Frogger's path, keeping him from safely making it home. Gamers are tasked to help Frogger survive the hustle and bustle of city life to get back to his lily pad in one piece. In this all-new screenshot reveal, gamers get a sneak peak at the improved graphics, new camera angle and all-new environments.

Key Features:

Enhanced Graphics - Enjoy classic Frogger gameplay with an amped-up new look.

All-new Levels - Take on an all-new adventure in four new stages to get Frogger from highway to home.

Multiple Gameplay Modes - Attack your top scores, race against the clock, or simply return Frogger safely to his home pad. Gamers have numerous choices on how they can enjoy this timeless classic.

New enemies and tactics - Use power-ups to change up your strategy as you dodge new enemies and obstacles.

Play with a friend - Compete against a friend with local multi-player options.
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