Do your best Twilight impression on the PC as Dawnguard finally arrives

by: John -
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Ok, so it took a little more than 30 days after the Xbox 360 got Skyrim Dawnguard, but today is the day you can finally play it if you're on a PC. 

Priced at $20, Dawnguard offers up 10+ hours of new content for you guys to go through. Mike really liked it so you should too! 

And that's not all. Until August 5th, you can grab Skyrim for half off and then grab Dawnguard and have yourself some great fun at less than the price of when Skyrim was originally released. That's $29.99 for Skyrim and $19.99 for Dawnguard, but only until August 5th. It's coinciding with that little thing called QuakeCon.

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