Disney updates their newest free App

by: Tina -
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Some people were actually working over the holidays. Disney put work into their new free app, called Disney.

The application does myriad things in the realm of entertainment (games, videos, music, the famous Disney characters), Disney-related news, and even buying movie tickets all from your iPhone/iPod Touch. You can even customize the app with various character themes.

Disney also decided to make use of their popular Click2Life feature. It’s sort of a similar concept to the DS’s popular photo feature of taking pictures and manipulating them. In this case, you can take pictures of Disney characters that will come to life through the app.

The specific updates to the app are as follows:

• Brand new games featuring Disney Channel’s Sonny with a Chance and Jonas Brothers. Plus a new Disney/Pixar’s Cars Pinball Game.
• Updated Disney Trivia games.
• New Disney Store section where you can shop the latest and most exclusive Disney merchandise.
• New 3-D animations for the Click 2 Life feature, including the new Disney film Alice in Wonderland.
• The ability to pick your favorite Disney characters for your App theme.
• Push notifications when the latest Disney news is released.

As some of these Disney apps are pretty focused on a particularly young age group, I have to rethink my stereotype that the iPhone and iPod Touch devices are adult-geared.