Disney acquires Marvel for $4 billion

by: Chuck -
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In what has to be one of the more shocking news stories to come out in a while, Marvel Entertainment has been acquired by the Disney company for close deal worth over $4 Billion.  This provides Disney with a host of new IP's to develop content with and opens up a wide variety of new outlets for Marvel to push content to.

The real question is what happens with all of the Marvel related video games that are in the works as Disney has it's own interactive division.  It looks like those deals (most of which don't expire for a few years) will be examined on a case by case basis according to this interview at Kotaku. 

We've already seen Warner Brothers take most of their properties in house and I fully expect to see Disney take these properties in house as soon as they can to maximize the profits on the deals.  I could see them re-negotiate a few of them for the more successful games (like the Ultimate Alliance games) but even that's iffy.  What do you think of the deal?  Drop us a note in the comments .
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