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by: Nathaniel -
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At this point in their development cycles, games like Dishonored are hard to write about.  Really, all we have is a new IP, a very general idea of setting (steampunk Victorian England?), the game's genre (FPS with swords), several nice looking screen shots, and now one CGI trailer.  I could gurgle about how it looks awesome, but since you probably wouldn't be reading this unless you already though that as well, what's the point?  

To its credit, the trailer does shed some more light on Dishonored.  We see that the apparent protagonist is falsely accused of murder, he runs across rooftops, can stealth kill guys from above, wears a creepy mask, wields some sort of weapon imparted by a glyph magically burned onto his hand, and that this weapon can, at the very least, stop time, fire projectiles, and create energy bursts.  

Here, see for yourself:

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