Dishonored "choose your own adventure" video

by: Nathaniel -
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Well, this is something new.

Today, Arkane Studios has released a new Dishonored video unlike any I've seen before.  It allows you to make the sort of gameplay decisions that you might make when you are actually playing Dishonored.  Call it a "choose your own adventure" video or maybe a a text-based point and click adventure game with no text.  Either way, it's pretty cool and you definitely need to check it out.  

A few caveats first: one, find some place private and set the video to full screen for the full effect; and secondly, choose wisely because the wrong choice will end in your premature death forcing you to "reload" the last checkpoint.  

You can play Dishonored for real starting on October 9th, and make sure you check out Gaming Nexus for my Dishonored review that same day.

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