Director of the Mortal Kombat Rebirth talks to Collider

by: John -
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That awesome little video of a realistic take on Mortal Kombat? Shot in 2 days, edited in 2 months, and made for about $7,500. That's according to the director, Kevin Tancharoen, who also director the latest Fame movie. 

Kevin's a big fan of the series and spent many quarters playing it in an arcade. He's such a fan that he spent his spare time and enlisted a lot of help to show Warner Bros. that he can make a great new take on how the movie should be. It's amazing how it all turned it and knowing that so many people volunteered to be part of this just to try and make a splash.

I hope this little project turns out well for Kevin and the crew and they can turn it into a full length feature. As a fan of Mortal Kombat myself, I was impressed with the new takes on the characters and how well it looked just being shot on two Red cameras and in two days. Let's hope we hear something from Warners soon about this as the buzz is pretty strong right now and it's prime time to capitalize on it.
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