DirectX11, Tessallation, and you

by: John -
More On: Windows 7
Some of us are wondering what DirectX 11 will offer in terms of graphics since the first DirectX 11 cards in the ATI Radeon HD 5XXX series has just been released. Well, PC Games Hardware has some nice pictures to show you Tessellation in effect.

As you probably know, everything on the screen is made up of triangles in a 3D game. The more triangles you have, the smoother the object looks. Tessellation takes the triangles and splits them up even more to make things more detailed or smoother. This is all done via the hardware so developers that take advantage of this feature can offer better graphics to those with the hardware capable of running it.

DirectX 11 will be available to the masses in a few weeks when Windows 7 becomes readily available. You can grab the Radeon cards that are DirectX 11 capable now but you'll have to wait a little longer for those that want a NVIDIA solution.
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