DirectTV axes G4 from the lineup

by: Jeremy -
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DirectTV has announced that they have no plans to continue airing the G4 Network on their satellite service. According to DirectTV’s official statement, they “decided that it made sense to focus on preserving programming that is more relevant to our larger customer base.”

According to the statistics, G4 is among the lowest rated channels listed in the most recent Nielson ratings information that was released. The dropping of G4 from the satellite lineup went into effective yesterday, on November 1, 2010. G4 is attempting to rally the troops and have provided a customer service phone number where concerned DirectTV customers can lodge their complaints regarding the satellite service’s decision (1-888-9-WeAreG4). G4 is also offering an extensive list of alternative content providers for those who may want to leave DirectTV for a service that carries the network in various areas. You can find more information regarding G4‘s response to DirectTv’s decision on their official statement page.
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