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Direct2Drive has released their top selling items for the week of December 27 - January 2.  They are as follows:

RANK    GAME TITLE                                      PUBLISHER
1    Star Trek Online Digital Deluxe Edition (PreOrder)   Atari
2    Dragon Age: Origins  (Mac) version   Electronic Arts
3    Torchlight   Runic Games
4    Aion   NCSoft
5    Civilization 4: The Complete Edition   2K Games
6    The Sims 3   Electronic Arts
7    Dragon Age: Origins (Mac) Digital Deluxe Edition   Electronic Arts
8    Mass Effect 2 Digital Deluxe Edition    Electronic Arts
9    Star Trek Online    Atari
10    Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 Bundle   Electronic Arts

One of the things you'll notice is that Electronic Arts has some heavy-hitting titles.  Next, you probably also saw that there were three "Digital Deluxe" versions that made the list.  It seems that an increasing number of publishers are putting together special versions and this holds true for digital distribution, too. 

Direct2Drive says that these Deluxe copies are also becoming more popular.  I personally have never picked up a special edition, but I've certainly been tempted.  What is it that pushes you to the point of spending extra money on a special version?
Please see the below list of top ten sales on Direct2Drive for December 27th through January 2nd.

There have not been any drastic changes to the D2D Top 10 this week as Star Trek and Dragon Age stay in the foreground. One interesting fact, is the rising popularity of digital deluxe versions (or digital special editions) that we predicted would gain momentum a couple of months back. To date, a number of major title launches that offered digital deluxe versions have done particularly well in comparison to the base title. To name a few: Dragon Age, Star Trek Online, Mass Effect 2, and Avatar.

Global Top 10
Date Range: 12/27/09 to 01/02/10

Rank, Product Name, Publisher
1-Star Trek Online Digital Deluxe Edition (PreOrder), Atari
2-Dragon Age: Origins (Mac) version, Electronic Arts
3-Torchlight, Runic Games
4-Aion, NCSoft
5-Civilization 4: The Complete Edition, 2K Games
6-The Sims 3, Electronic Arts
7-Dragon Age: Origins (Mac) Digital Deluxe Edition, Electronic Arts
8-Mass Effect 2 Digital Deluxe Edition, Electronic Arts
9-Star Trek Online, Atari
10-Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 Bundle, Electronic Arts
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