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by: Russell -
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For those unaware of the website Did You Know Gaming, it's a really nice site for various video game trivia.  Granted a lot of the stuff there you're probably aware of, but occasionally I find something that makes me tilt my head and just go "huh?".  Every now and then the site will post a video on it's YouTube Channel about a various topic, such as Mega Man or Star Fox, but their recent one is pretty interesting.

Their latest video takes a look at the Nintendo 64 itself and talks about some interesting stuff.  For instance, a lot of people will have heard about the 64DD, an add-on that was only sold in Japan due to how badly it did.  I mean, only nine games were produced for it and some that were going to be made wound up on standard cartridges.  However, did you know that the N64 had a capture card...um, cart?  The 64DD had four Mario Artist games and one of them used the capture device to import still images from a TV or a VCR and import them into the game.  I knew about the Mario Artist games (or at least of their existence), but didn't know about that.


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