Diamond steps to the plate with an affordable capture solution

by: Jeremy -
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Modern gamers want to show off their achievements and accomplishments in the gaming world, and I mean by more than just a trophy or number appearing next to their online persona. We want people to actually see the things that we have done and the only way that we can do that is to show the gameplay of our feats. Traditionally, the hardware required to do this in a an effective manner has been expensive and hard to come by; that isn’t the case beginning today! Diamond has revealed a couple of products that are now shipping to retailers which will let gamers record their gameplay in full high-definition without breaking the bank.

The Diamond GC500 and GC1000 capture devices will give you everything that you need in record and share gameplay footage from your consoles. The lite version of the product, the GC500, supports full high definition via component input and output. The device will also support S-video and YPbPr connections. The big daddy version, the GC1000, also features HDMI input / output in addition to the other connects.

Both devices will piggy back on either your laptop or desktop PC and serve as a pass-through so that you can play the game without delay on your television. In addition to great quality, the line of products also promises affordable pricing; the GC500 retails for only $69.99 and the GC1000 is $139.99. You can find both now at participating retailers including Amazon, TigerDirect, Fry’s, and Micro Center.

You can check out a few shots of the device below and look forward to our full review of the hardware in the near future.