Diablo III: Reaper of Souls launches next Tuesday, here's the launch trailer

by: John -
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Oh boy! You bet I'm excited. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls is less than one week away and Blizzard has put out a new trailer to hype the release.

The new class, the Crusader, looks really fun especially when he's charging through enemies on a horse. All the old classes gets new abilities too.

And the loot! The new loot system, which is on the servers now, make it a lot more fun to play as finding useful items is a lot easier now than before.

With the auction house going down yesterday, you're going to have to rely on the loot more than ever and I found myself picking up everything to sell and break down whereas before, I'd skip a lot of items that dropped. The blacksmith has become my new best friend in trying to get new, usable items.

All in all, Reaper of Souls looks like it's going to bring a lot to Diablo III and I hope it has the same impact on the game as Lord of Destruction did on Diablo II.

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