Devil May Cry 5 all but confirmed

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Devil May Cry 5 exists and is currently being deceloped over at Capcom, but they just won’t say it “officially”. The game, which has long been rumored as being in development by Ninja Theory, came as close to being officially announced as possible recently thanks to Keiji Inafune. In an interview with a Spanish gaming site, 3DJuegos, Inafune-san referenced the game’s development while discussing Capcom’s intentions to incorporate more western influences in their games.

Devil May Cry 5 is a game that, when started development, this will change a lot... the reason is that, despite the franchise has some very loyal followers, their sales are not particularly high, especially overseas. For this reason, it is likely that in the fifth chapter will incorporate certain western touch to make it more attractive to American and European players.”

Ever since Inafune-san has taking the reigns over at Capcom, he has made a constant push to turn the company into a global powerhouse. Dead Rising 2 is a perfect example of Inafune’s theories and push to incorporate more of a “western” style into their games. Judging from the comments above, it doesn’t look like it is going to stop there. The rumors are flying that Capcom is planning to announce at least 4 new games at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, which takes place later this week, perhaps Devil May Cry 5 will be one of the games that gets unveiled... 

Source: VG247

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