Developer walkthrough #2 for Monday Night Combat

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Uber Entertainment is ready to show off some more features of Monday Night Combat.  Today, they have posted a video that showcases the Support class.  It's actually a 14 minute video that shows off a lot of in-game footage.  This class is a healer for friendly units but also has a shotgun to put the hurt on enemies.  You can also find out what they mean by "juicing."  Monday Night Combat will be released next Wednesday on XBLA for 1200 MS Points.

Monday Night Combat Developer Walkthrough 2

It's all about the Juicing!

Part 2 of our Developer Walkthrough series. This time we show off the Support class in a join in progress Crossfire match in the LaseRazor Arena. Support class is a healer and an tech combined together with a Heal/Hurt Gun for a primary weapon and a deadly close range shotgun for a secondary. His four upgradable skills include Hack, Firebase, Air Strike and a passive Support skill.

Hack allows Support to enhance any built turrets as well as turn an enemy turret into a friendly at higher levels. Firebase is a transforming throwable turret that can be placed anywhere. It will heal Support and teammates when upgraded. Air Strikes can be called with a throwable sticky beacon that can be attached to arena surfaces as well as other characters. Support's passive skill upgrades his armor as well as enhance robots around him in a given range. We also show how Juicing can be used to get through enemy defenses.

Monday Night Combat will be out on Xbox Live Arcade on Wednesday August 11th for 1200 points. For more info visit
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