Detailed Warden and Rune-keeper Videos for LOTRO Mines of Moria

by: Eva -
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Turbine is giving players more insight into the two new classes that come with the Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria expansion. Both classes are based on iconic characters from Lothlorien. The Warden class is inspired by Haldir, the March Warden of the Golden Wood, while the Rune-keeper an interpretation of the Lady Galadriel herself.

The Rune-keeper is a very flashy class with spectacular offensive spell effects. The class uses elemental magic to assault foes. The Rune-keeper can also be a healer. Unlike the instant morale boost the Minstrel class provides, the Rune-keepers healing spells allow allies to regenerate moral over time. The trick is maintaining a balance between healing and destruction, since the more you use one side the strong it becomes. Of course the other aspect becomes much less effective. This makes Rune-keepers a challenge as a solo character. The good news is that the balance is reset after each combat so you swing the other way in the next battle if you wish.

Wardens are balanced ranged and melee fighters. They combine their inspiring shouts, shielding and assault attacks to build up a chained combo turbine calls a gambit. They don't throw explosive cards, but Warden's can do some pretty awesome things with gambits.

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