Derrick the Deathfin takes papercraft under the water

by: Jeremy -
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The seas won’t be safe this Summer, at least not if Sony has their way. Sony has revealed a new action gaming heading to the PlayStation Network in the next couple of months by the name of Derrick the Deathfin.

The game gives you control of a small papercraft shark with an attitude. Derrick’s family was slaughtered and turned into sharkfin soup and the only way he knows to make himself feel better is by wreaking havoc and destruction on the world. Derrick’s adventure will take him all across the globe and pit him against a variety of environmental hazards and enemies. The developer describes the gameplay as a combination of Ecco the Dolphin and Sonic the Hedgehog, using a unique papercraft art style.

You can check out the first screenshots and trailer for the game below and expect to hear plenty more about the game at E3 in a few short weeks.

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