Depth Hunter: a different type of fishing game

by: Jeremy -
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I know, I know... even mentioning a “fishing game” in the title is enough to turn people away, but don’t go so fast. Game developer Biart is currently marketing a new type of fishing game, one that I could actually see myself trying out. Say hello to Depth Hunter, a spearfishing game. That is right, think fishing and a first person shooter combined into one!

Currently available for the PC, Depth Hunter is headed to both the mobile, XBLA, and PSN platforms later this year. Judging from the trailer for the game below, this could be something I could get behind. There appears to be more to the game than just catching fish as there is treasure hunting and exploration, all while having the ability to mow things down with a speargun. The game will feature full 3D and motion support via peripherals such as the PlayStation Move and Razer Hydra system(s). I am going to have to keep an eye on this as it could have some interesting potential...

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