Demigod 1.01 labels rage quitters, reduces connectivity issues

by: Randy -
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DemigodIf you been shying away from your true calling as a Demigod (maybe you've heard about the connectivity issues, or perhaps you're sick of humoring the rage quitters in all online multiplayer games) then v1.01 of Demigod might be just enough of a nudge. 

With this latest iteration, Gas Powered Games is able to now claim improved online connectivity; "significantly improved" computer AI -- which may prove problematic for thoroughly average players like myself; better in-game detection between those who quit versus those who are disconnected (with a statistical percentage giving away rage quitters, likely getting them kicked from games in the lobby before the action even starts); reduced bandwidth requirements; more robust storing of online stats (like favor points, achievements, and rankings); better queuing of player actions in game (I'll admit that I was unaware I could queue my actions?); and a host of other miscellaneous improvements.  These work hard to bring Demigod back into the good graces of its players.

Along with an update to Impulse that downloaded for me just now, my download of Demigod 1.01 is at about 49%.  My record in online tournament matches stands at a healthy three wins, one loss.  You don't want to meet me when I'm Regulus.  I will harrass you to no end with my long-range crossbow and frightening sniper shot.  And run away if it even looks like you'll come after me.  That's how I roll.
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