Dementium II Delayed

by: Ben Berry -
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So, I got this email, and I literally LOL'd when I read it. Seriously, it's kind of funny. I'm not a republican, but I called Bill O'reilly (I actually call him "Bill O'Really?", because like every commentator, left or right, he just basically puts the opponents on blast, and makes them sound like idiots, just to score points with viewers), and borrowed his "No Spin Zone". Here's what the press release says:

"Evil has once again reared its ugly head. While our heroes at Renegade Kid have fought valiantly they have sadly succumb to the horrors of a manufacturing delay to their universally feared horror sequel, Dementium II. The delay will only create more suspense for gamers as they’ll need to wait until April 20, 2010 in North America and April 9, 2010 in Europe to get their hands out of their mouths and onto the DS game.
For those in North America, this extends their preorder opportunity to take advantage of the Renegade Kid signed Dementium II poster. They just need to order it through an authorized retailers and email"

Here's what it means: Too many bugs, so we pushed the game back. We have to keep paying the programmers to fix and test it, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy some more pre-orders so we don't have to dip into whats left of the venture capital.

While the game looks like say, 1997 has come back into vogue, the storyline and marketing aren't bad.  Of course 1997 graphics are pretty kick ass for a Nintendo DS game, so it might be fun to try.

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