Defunct Games' newest (and worst) game contest

by: Randy -
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Our sister site Defunct Games has set up a new contest; a monthly game giveaway called "Worst Game Ever."  Here's how it works:  Defunct Games is looking for somebody to come up with the single worst video game idea of all time.  They're talking about a real video game concept, with a terrible story, bad power-ups, and silly bosses.  Every month, they'll post the winning bad game idea (complete with cover art and a description) and people will vote whether it's worse than what came before it. 

In its maiden episode, Defunct Games' Cyril Lachel posts what he thinks is the worst concept of all time:  Yoshi's Fart & Go for the Nintendo 64.  Learn what the back of the box says, see what the critics think, and discover a fun fact about this fake game.  Can you beat this idea?  Do you know somebody that has a worse idea than Yoshi's Fart & Go?  If you can top his worst idea, then he'll send you a copy of one of the worst games of all time (Mortal Kombat Advance, Homie Rollerz, etc.).
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