Defend the Eastern Front in Company of Heroes 2 open Beta

by: Mike -
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Relic Entertainment launched the open Beta for Company of Heroes 2, the real-time strategy title that pits the Allies of World War II against the Axis.

The Beta will run until June 18, allowing players to take part in competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes on six playable maps. Players will also get the chance to try the first 45 levels of Company of Heroes 2's progression system. Any levels players earn during the open Beta will carry over into the game's retail release.

"We have been working hard since the closed Beta, balancing and improving all areas of the game as well as adding new matchmaking servers," Greg Wilson, producer at Relic Entertainment said. " Company of Heroes 2 has one of the most successful Beta programs we've ever run at Relic, and the support of the fans has been a critical factor in making the game more balanced and stable for launch."

Company of Heroes 2 release June 25 for PC.

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