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Just released for the iPhone, Android, Facebook, and PC simultaneously is the trivia and puzzle combined game Decades.

The game takes you through the decades in time, with corresponding trivia questions. At the same time, you’ll also have to keep control of your falling blocks and organize them by color to keep your level clear. Your basic Tetris style game, but with an interesting twist. Match up letters found on some of these blocks to help solve the trivia questions at hand and progress on to the next level.

You can pick the game up now for $2.99 at the AppStore, or Android Marketplace, or for $14.99 for the PC. There’s also a free one-hour trial for PC users if you feel like giving it a test-drive first. Check the screenshots for an idea of what to expect from the game. From what I can tell, it seems to be SMERC’s usual very colorful imagery.

New York, NY – Brooklyn game company SMERC is announcing the immediate release of Decades, its most multi-platform concept to date. The trivia/puzzle hybrid is the studio’s first game to become available on four separate platforms, iPhone, Android, Facebook and PC, simultaneously. To access Decades, PC users can download a stand-alone application for the purchase price of $14.99 through the game’s home portal, while iPhone/iPod Touch and G1/Android users may download mobile versions of the game for $2.99 via iTunes and Google’s Android Marketplace, respectively. By launching the game across multiple devices, SMERC is not only delivering on the company’s byword of innovation and compelling game play, but also creating an experience that takes full advantage of the unique features and strengths of each platform Decades is presented on.

“Decades brings two of our passions together - puzzles and trivia,” says Patrice Diaz-Migoyo, COO of SMERC. “Because we never sit still ourselves, it was important for us to deliver the product in multiple forms for all of the various products we use in our daily life. In this way, we can enjoy the game no matter where we are or what we are doing.”

A dazzling and layered casual game, Decades combines the shape-matching challenges of Tetris and the trivia puzzle features of Wheel of Fortune to produce an entirely new problem-solving experience. With the each of the game’s levels allocated to a specific decade, a player can travel through time by matching dropping cubes and answering period-specific questions. The game offers the player 10 levels of play, an additional 5 bonus levels, and over 1200 decades-themed trivia questions spanning the centuries. Players can earn more rewards in-game with bonus cubes, power-ups and special achievements.

“Decades really does redefine the match-three game landscape in an innovative way while staying fun, easy to play and addictive,” says Brian Wane, CEO of SMERC.

Since being submitted for consideration in Google’s Second Annual Android Developer Challenge’s, Decades has earned a Top 20 spot as a contender in the “casual games” category.
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