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Hudson is beating Nintendo at their own game, namely the cutesy family sports minigame collection game.  Deca Sports 2 is the first of this genre of questionable quality to include online play, an inexcusable omission from Wii Sports Resort. Then again, Deca Sports 2 doesn't support Wii Motion Plus, so it's a bit of a standoff here. Check out these new screenshots and trailer and decide for yourself.

Coming this fall from Hudson Entertainment, DECA SPORTS 2 is the only
sports compilation title on Nintendo Wii to offer online multiplayer.
Players can face off against friends and family in 2-4 player
competition in “Open Match”, “VS.”, “Tournament” or “Nintendo® Wi-Fi
Connection” multiplayer modes.   DECA SPORTS 2 also features single
player modes including “Open Match” in one sport, a one-sport
bracket-style “Tournament,” “Challenge” or the ultimate competition in
the “League” vs. 4 teams in all 10 sports.  As the sequel to the hit
sports compilation game DECA SPORTS, DECA SPORTS 2 includes ten new
sports: Ice Hockey, Dodge Ball, Tennis, Darts, Speed Skating, Mogul
Skiing, Petanque, Kendo, Motorcycle Road Racing and even Synchronized

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