Debut trailer for Noobz, in theaters this summer

by: Travis -
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Wunderkind Pictures have released a debut trailer for the upcoming comedy Noobz, which is described as being made by gamers, for gamers. The premise of the film focuses around four friends that compete in a Gears of War 3 competition to earn the coveted Cyberbowl video game championship. Their journey will include traveling across America and encountering many escapades along the way. The film will premiere with a sneak peak showing at PAX East. Director and Writer Blake Freeman will also star in the film. The cast of actors include Jason Mewes, Blake Freeman, Moises Arias, Matt Shively, Zelda Williams, Casper Van Dien, and Jon Gries.

Unfortunately, the trailer dashes my hopes of a film that goes above and beyond the stereotypes of gamers. Most of the scenes and jokes in the trailer were uninspired and lacking of any actual humor. There were a few bright spots in the cast including the appearances of Starship Troopers star Casper Van Dien and the uncle from Napoleon Dynamite, Jon Gries. In addition, Adam Sessler makes a cameo in the film as the competition's announcer. I'm hoping that the actual film will be far more interesting than the trailer.

Noobz will be in theaters this summer.

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