Dear God, I hope not: 2KSports predicts Red Sox to meet Phillies in World Series, and lose

by: Ben Berry -
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It's become common practice for game companies with official league sports franchises (NHL, NFL, etc) to use a simulation to predict winners for seasons or playoffs. The most recent announcement of this kind comes from 2K Sports, which using MLB 2K10 has predicted the Red Sox and Phillies to play in this coming seasons World Series, with the Sox losing. While I love baseball, and I like the idea of Boston succeeding (so I don't have to hear the people around town complaining about them sucking), I don't know that I want a World Series worth of traffic coming to my neighborhood (I live across the square from Fenway). If I could afford to go, maybe. But the tickets will run thousands of dollars and not be available to the casual fan. Besides, if 2K used their game to do this prediction, you'll see in my coming review why it's likely that this prediction isn't very accurate anyways.

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Major League Baseball® 2K10 Simulation Predicts Philadelphia Phillies® World Series®Victory Over Boston Red Sox®

Official simulation from 2K Sports also predicts American and National League Award Winners

April 14, 2010 - 2K Sports announced today the final results from its official Major League Baseball® 2K10 season simulation, which crowns the Philadelphia Phillies® as World Series® champions in a projected 4-1 series victory over the Boston Red Sox®. The Phillies' double-play combination of Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley proved to be too much for Josh Beckett, Jonathan Papelbon and the Red Sox, with Rollins taking home the World Series MVP award. The simulation also predicts American League division championships for the New York Yankees®, Chicago White Sox® and Texas Rangers®, with the Boston Red Sox obtaining the AL Wild Card. In the National League, the Atlanta Braves®, St. Louis Cardinals® and San Francisco Giants® are projected as division champions, with the Philadelphia Phillies garnering the NL Wild Card.

The Major League Baseball 2K10 season simulation also predicts Albert Pujols winning his fourth National League MVP award, and Dan Haren winning his first National League Cy Young award. In the American League, the simulation results predict a Yankees' sweep with Alex Rodriguez winning his fourth MVP and C.C. Sabathia his second Cy Young award.

In addition to these accolades, Haren is predicted to pick up an impressive 18-7 record, with a 3.05 ERA, 212 strikeouts, and 230 innings pitched. Sabathia is predicted to post an equally impressive 20-5 record, 3.07 ERA, 206 strikeouts, and 234 innings pitched. 

Offensively, Pujols is projected to post a .315 batting average, with 38 home runs, and 109 RBI, while scoring 100 runs. In the American League, Rodriguez is projected to hit .317, with 31 home runs, 108 RBI, and 106 runs.

Not to be outdone, Major League Baseball 2K10 cover athlete Evan Longoria, third baseman of the Tampa Bay Rays®, is projected to enjoy another All-Star season with 37 home runs, 111 RBI, 90 runs scored and a .281 batting average.

To see the full season simulation results, visit the 2K Sports website for more details

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