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After the shock our systems took during the crazy holiday sales on digital distribution sites last month, things are back to normal.  Direct2Drive still has specials but they aren't "wet finger in your ear" surprising.  AI War: Fleet Command is 50% off right now.  There were also price drops on games like Prototype, COD: World at War, Wolfenstein, and Velvet Assassin

That's just a preview.  Hit the jump for the full release and new price points on their service.  Alternatively, click here to go right to their site.

On Sale! AI War: Fleet Command is 50% off through 1/18!

Price Drops!
Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning – now $14.95

Prototype – now $29.95

Call of Duty: World at War – now $39.95

Wolfenstein – now $39.95

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel – now $29.95

Red Faction: Guerrilla – now $19.95

Velvet Assassin – now $29.95

Star Trek Online Digital Deluxe or standard editions are available for pre-order NOW! Get open BETA access (begins 1/12!), early start, and awesome in-game items!

Pre-order now! Mass Effect 2 Digital Deluxe Edition is now available – TONS of killer bonus items!

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