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Deadliest Warrior: Legends hitting XBLA today, PSN later in July

by: Dan -
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Since our main news monkey Jeremy is off and we had a short week with the Holiday, here is a little extra helping of Now Loading.  Starting today, 345 Games, which was announced as the gaming arm of Spike TV and Comedy Central have launched their first title, Deadliest Warrior: Legends.  The game debuts on XBLA for $10 and was developed by Pipeworks Software.  The title is an offshoot of the Deadliest Warrior TV show on Spike and promises to put you “in the battlefield with the most legendary warriors in history.”

Reading about it and looking at the screens below, this looks like a twist on the classic fighting genre with the ability to hack off limbs or take someone out with a well-placed arrow to the eye.  Finish that!

345 Games Announces the Launch of "Deadliest Warrior: Legends" Today, July 6, on Xbox LIVE Arcade and Later This Month for PlayStation Network

Downloadable Game To Retail For $10

NEW YORK, July 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- 345 Games, the video gaming arm of COMEDY CENTRAL and Spike TV, announced today the launch of its new video game title "Deadliest Warrior: Legends." Published by Spike Games and developed by Pipeworks Software (a part of Foundation 9 Entertainment), "Deadliest Warrior: Legends" is available for download starting today in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia* for Xbox LIVE Arcade and later this month for PlayStation Network for a retail price of $10.

"Deadliest Warrior: Legends builds on the wildly successful multi-platform Spike TV series "Deadliest Warrior," which has already spawned the video game "Deadliest Warrior: The Game" and has sold around 450,000 downloads to date since its launch on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation.

"Deadliest Warrior: Legends" will reach beyond weapons and armor and put gamers back on the battlefield with the most legendary warriors in history. This version will feature more content than the original game including nine heroic warriors, new fighting options, a more precise projectile system, more arenas, a new campaign mode and a strategy game (Generals), which allows players to use the battle simulator featured on-air on Spike TV's "Deadliest Warrior." In addition to improved graphics, the new game will also feature enhanced combat options and as players complete challenges and destroy rivals, they will unlock new weapons, enhance their fighting skills and encounter the brutal realities of gritty, true-to-life combat – like breaking arms and pushing opponents into pits. Players will also be treated to a surprise hidden character from the hit show and exclusive digital goods (i.e. avatars).

"Deadliest Warrior" returns with 10 one-hour episodes on a new night with more unprecedented matchups, including the first female warrior and first fantasy matchup, beginning Wednesday, July 20 (10-11 p.m., ET/PT) on Spike TV.

"Deadliest Warrior" is produced by 44 Blue Productions, Inc. with Rasha Drachkovitch and Tim Warren serving as executive producers. Sharon Levy, Tim Duffy and Jeff Savaiano are Spike TV's executives in charge of production.