Dead or Alive Dimensions looks to have a special guest

by: Jeremy -
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Special guests aren’t anything new to the Dead or Alive series... or Namco fighting games in general. Dead or Alive 4 featured a Spartan from the Halo franchise and the Soul Calibur series has featured the likes of Link, Spawn, Kratos, and Heihachi over the years. It is looking as though Namco has at least one special character in mind for the upcoming Dead or Alive Dimensions for the Nintendo DS.

In videos of the game that were released alongside the big press conference in New York earlier this week, gamers will notice that the game features a Metroid themed stage. The stage pits characters in battle on top of a platform surrounded by what appears to be lava; during their battle, the players must also be aware of the menacing Ridley, of Metroid-series fame, flying around the background spewing fireballs into the mix. Ridley’s interference could definitely turn the tide for one player or the other. WE know that the stage is going to be in the game, but now we have to ponder the possibility of whether Samus herself will be in the game as well (as a playable character).

It isn’t that far of a stretch for Namco to include Samus as their own Team Ninja handled last year’s Metroid: Other M for the Nintendo Wii. Surely her inclusion would cause a boost in the game’s sales to the Metroid-fanbase...

Source: VG247 

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