Dead or Alive 5 is looking amazing

by: Jeremy -
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Tecmo isn’t going to let the resurgence of the fighting game genre pass them by as the company recently announced a new installment in the Dead or Alive series. Dead or Alive 5 was revealed at the recent Tokyo Game Show and looks absolutely phenomenal, even in its early alpha build.

The game has received its first gameplay trailer and it shows a much darker and gritter fighting game than I remember. It is clear to see though that this is DOA through and through. All of the textbook gameplay elements from the series are present, including interactive environments and great hand-to-hand combat. The camera angles used give a much more cinematic feel to the game.

I, for one, am extremely glad to see the fighting game genre back in full force! Dead or Alive 5 is expected to be released some time during 2012.

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