Dead Space film is a prequel

by: Sean Colleli -
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At least, that's what director D.J. Caruso said in an interview over at MTV. He talks about the process of getting the Dead Space movie approved and convincing the studios just what kind of a horror story it is. He also specifically mentions the similarities between Unitology and Scientology, which I thought were pretty clever in the game. It's interesting to note that Mr. Caruso played through the game too, commenting that "Playing that game was one of the scariest gaming experiences I've had in my entire life." I'm glad he appreciates the source material and understands its impact, which is more than you can say for...other directors.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but the prospect of a prequel has me very excited. Mr. Caruso says the film will lead up into the events of the first game, but I have to wonder, from what perspective? Visceral already did that beautifully with the exceptional Dead Space Extration, but then again the Dead Space mythos is massive--there's literally 200 years of backstory plotted out for the games. I'd love to see the very beginning of the crisis, with Altman finding the first Marker or when it was hidden on Aegis VII. I guess we'll find out once the screenplay is written and the details inevitably leak out.

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