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Dead Space 3 screens are dead-spacey

by: Nathaniel -
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I love the Dead Space franchise.  I'm not a fan of survival horror, but I adore science fiction and my adoration of sci-fi is far greater than my admittedly fear-based dislike of survival horror (that's right, I don't like them because they're scary).

Anyway, Dead Space 3 is shaping up to be a pretty sweet advancement of the franchise.  Sure there are now human enemies and cover and evasive rolls and co-op and more action, and some fans seems upset over this alleged "dumbing down," but a good game is a good game regardless of the title attached to it or the genre it's "supposed" to be part of; so I'll wait to play Dead Space 3 before I judge it.  

However, if I was going to judge it before I played it, I have to say it looks cool as hell - just like the first two.

Also Destructoid reported that Dead Space 3 will will include optional dungeons with some only available during co-op.  These dungeons will include extra loot, audio logs, and, of course, enemies.  I love that idea and can't wait to tackle my first one.