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Dead Space 3 Limited Edition trailer

by: Nathaniel -
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The usual pre-order bonus announcements have started to flow in.  Today it has been revealed that if you pre-order Dead Space 3 you get an automatic upgrade to the Limited Edition and you'll gain access to the Witness the Truth bundle (Witness Suit and Evangelizer) and the First Contact bundle (First Contact Suit and Negotiator).

The Witness Suit looks like a soft outer layer with a fur collar, like it's some kind of space snow-suit, covered in the same kind of glow-y runes that the Markers are covered in.  Alternately, the First Contact Suit looks more like what you might expect from such a piece of equipment in a Dead Space game.

Weaponly speaking, the Evangelizer is a "heavy-duty" assault rifles and shotgun combo while the Negotiator is a Tesla-powered weapon that wreaks havoc on soft tissue.

You can pre-order Dead Space 3 online at www.deadspace.com/buy.  Dead Space 3 hits stores this February.

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