Dead Space 3 Limited Edition announced

by: Mike -
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Players who purchase the Dead Space 3 Limited Edition will find surviving the cold and onslaught of necromorphs a little bit easier. 

The "First Contact" and "Witness the Truth" bundles both contain an advanced suit and new weapons. The hand-crafted weapons included in the packs will give players a glimpse into the new weapon-crafting system on display in Visceral's third installment in the terrifying series. 

The "First Contact" suit will allow players to survive extended periods of space exposure and thick armor for enemy attacks. The"Negotiator" weapon sorts an overclocked Tesla Beam that is able to shred any creature unfortunate enough to stand in its way.

In the "Witness the Truth" bundle, players will have access to the spelunking Witness suit made for deep excavations, and the Evangelizer weapon combining an assault rifle and shotgun on the underbarrel.

It's clear that the Limited Edition will thrust players into any eventuality the game can throw at them, but knowing Visceral Games, Dead Space 3 will have plenty of unexpected turns. 

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