Dead Space 3: Awakened trailer

by: Nathaniel -
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Dead Space 3 is a bleak game.  The whole series is bleak, sure, but there's something about Dead Space 3 that makes it worse, darker, and more upsetting than the other two.  Maybe it's the fact that they've unraveled the mystery by the end, but that only made things worse.  There's no hope, and there's no help.  That's scarier on an existential level than any number of frothing necromorphs or lunatic Unitologists.  The series should really get more credit than it does for relentlessly, almost artistically bleak and nihilistic.

Anyway, Dead Space 3: Awakened comes out later this month and features more of the same, but now with new even more brain-meltingly upsetting enemies.  Fun.

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