Dead Space 3 - Better with Kinect?

by: Nathaniel -
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I don't use Kinect.  I don't have a Kinect unit, and based on this trailer called "Dead Space 3 - Better with Kinect", I don't need one.  Why?  Well, it's because I have a functioning controller, two perfectly acceptable hands to hold it, and ten pretty boss fingers.  They can turn doorknobs and everything.

In Dead Space 3, Kinect will allow you to yell simple commands to perform basic functions like reloading, firing Stasis, healing, or switching weapons.  

There's one problem that the following trailer makes completely obvious: the voice commands take longer to execute than the single button commands they replace.  For example, to heal, you just have to hit one button on the controller.  To use the Kinect voice commands, you have to say "quick heal."  I don't think we need Omega to tell us that it takes less time to hit a button on a controller - an act that is little more than a reflex at this point for most gamers - than it is to speak two words - which isn't a reflex action to the average gamer.  And all the Kinect commands in the trailer are two words - two words that replace single button inputs.  

Now it's possible for more complex actions like swapping ammo with your co-op partner, it really is faster with Kinect, but for the rest of it, Kinect seems to be "solving" a problem that doesn't exist.  Watch the trailer and judge for yourself. 

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