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Dead Rising 2 pre-order bonuses galore!

by: Jeremy -
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Capcom’s Dead Rising 2 is coming very, very soon and depending on where you choose to pre-order the game (if you do), you could get your hands on a wide variety of special bonus material for the game. Each of the major game retailers in the US are offering different bonus packs for use in the game that may, or may not, be available on the various marketplaces after launch. The details are as follows:

Best Buy: Best Buy is offering the Sports Fan Skills Pack for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game. This pack includes a special sports fan outfit and grants Chuck some special in-game bonuses. The first bonus is increased power when using sport-related items in the game; Chuck will also be given a unique attack that allows him to charge through enemies with a football while stiff-arming the undead. The bonus will also give Chuck better health recovery when consuming food and drink items and allow him to win additional money when gambling in the casino.

Amazon: Preorders online through Amazon for the Xbox 360 version will get gamers some new duds for their Xbox Live avatars. You will be able to dress up either your male or female avatar with Chuck’s yellow motocross jacket and a servbot / super sliver helmet. PlayStation 3 orders will get an exclusive PS3 theme featuring Chuck Greene on the backdrop of Furtune City.

Gamestop: In addition to the exclusive Zombrex Collector’s Edition of the game, Gamestop is offering a Ninja Theme Pack for both versions of the game. The Ninja Theme Pack includes four separate articles of Ninja-themed clothing. When gamers wear all four pieces of clothing at the same time, they will unlock additional Ninja-like animations for Chuck within the game.

You can check out some various screenshots of all of the bonus material below courtesy of the Capcom Unity Blog