Dead Rising 2 bonuses start to take shape

by: Jeremy -
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The launch of Dead Rising 2 is coming up fast... the PR machine is running full steam ahead as Capcom has started to reveal some of the pre-order and initial release bonuses that are being prepped for the game’s release.

The first item being shown is the Paradise Pack (Psycho) DLC. The pack will be available for early buyers of the game and released at a later time to the masses as paid downloadable content. This pack includes multiple costume items that will allow Chuck to dress in a manner that fits in with the masses in the game... in other word: like a murdering psychopath. The early screenshot(s) of the pack shows that it will include at least a hockey mask and a butcher’s apron.

Capcom is also planning on releasing a full series of real-life combo cards, just like the ones that are collected in the game. There will be 31 real-life cards produced and distributed with preorders, though many more will be included in the game for Chuck to collect. These cards will be distributed in sets of three with each purchase, in addition to the DLC mentioned above. Just like the in-game cards, the real life versions will contain information that informs you of available item combinations in the game.

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