Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate coming soon?

by: Nathan -
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It appears that Dead Or Alive 5 may be getting its own Super Hyper Turbo Alpha EX Plus 2 Arcade Edition 2013 Version update soon as Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate was announced sometime last week. 

A teaser trailer was shown at a Japanese tournament which you can view below. 

The update for Xbox 360 and PS3 will add Ninja Gaiden's Momoji to the roster, along with a brand new Sky City Tokyo stage. There has been no official announcement yet from Team Ninja but reports that the game will be getting the exclusive content that was featured in the Playstation Vita version of the game. There don't know if any other content will make it into the update but I assume an official announcement from Team Ninja will come soon.

I love Dead Or Alive 5 so i'm really hoping this is simply an update you can download instead of a whole new game you have to buy. 
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