Dead On Arrival 2 Beta registration now open!

by: Nathan -
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The beta for Dead on Arrival 2 starts June 1st and if you want to get in then you should sign up quickly because it will get shut off very soon. The beta will include a first look at the Multiplayer action of the game. 

Details will be emailed to you once you sign up. 

You must have the following in order to get into the beta.

Must have:
  • Android Device
  • Minimum spec equal or better than Tegra 2
  • Recommended Tegra 3 or higher
Android Version
  • Minimum 3.0
  • Recommended 4.0 or higher
Also recommended
  • Have a stomach for wave after wave of bloodshed and mayhem!
  • Aren't scared of the dark.
  • Don't need aspirin for headaches.
  • Have no problem shooting your zombie friend in the head if you had too.
If you got all that then sign up to get in! You can sign up here! 

Also check out the video below of Dead On Arrival 2 running on the Nvidia Shield
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