Day Z is going to be a stand alone game

by: John -
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Well, the hard work that Dean Hall has done with the uber-popular Day Z mod for ArmA II has paid off . Bohemia is taking the game commercial and it's going to be a stand alone product with Dean as the project lead.

This comes after four months of hard work and we have a few fans of the mod on our site. I've played a few, but not as much as Travis but I really enjoyed the time I had in the game. Yes, it can be frustrating at times, but the work does pay off if you stick with it.

So what does this mean? Well, the mod's still going to be updated for now in parallel with the stand alone game development. It's going the Minecraft route with quick iterations and alphas available for a discounted price. Not much else is said, but I'm sure more news will be coming soon.

Glad to see a mod that many thought wouldn't succeed become a full fledge game. I'm ready to plunk down some money to be in the early get go of the game, are you?

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