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Are you interested in fast-paced arena PvP?  If so, then this latest developer diary for Darkspore will make you happy.  Michael Arsers, Gameplay Engineer at Maxis, talks about some of the PvP action that players will be able to experience.  He even gives a play-by-play of an example match.  This mode of multiplayer has two teams of two compete in a "Best of 3" game.  Each player is able to select three characters; however, they have the option to swap out characters if they lose a match.  

It sounds like a neat way to keep all of the players on their toes, ready to switch up strategies as necessary.  To be honest, the action is a little too fast paced for my preference, but the single player campaign still looks interesting.  Look for Darkspore in Spring 2011.

PvP Showcased in New Video – Check Out a Round of Intense Combat!

Action RPG Darkspore is coming soon to PCs everywhere in spring 2011. In the last Producer Diary we showed off co-op gameplay in the campaign, but in a welcome twist on the genre, Darkspore also has deep and engaging PvP competition. Today we’re giving you a taste of the action with the debut of a new Producer Diary showcasing PvP!

In the video, Maxis Gameplay Engineer Michael Arsers shows off the skill and strategy it takes for players to come out on top in epic Darkspore PvP battles. Rather than play as a single hero, Darkspore lets gamers choose from characters they earn in the co-op campaign, each with its own unique skills and abilities, and fight with a squad of three. PvP gameplay is deeply integrated in Darkspore, so the characters who are upgraded and customized in the campaign carry over their attributes, skills and gear when they are chosen for PvP combat.

Selecting and customizing your squadmates, syncing abilities with other players’ squads and targeting enemy weaknesses are all an essential part of the game. The depth of squad combinations, customization, and upgrades that players bring to the match gives Darkspore depth that is unique and engaging. Not to be overlooked is that Darkspore PvP matches are Best-of-Three – the loser of each round gets to choose a new squad to counter the winner, while the winner has to keep his – there’s always room for comebacks! And you’ll never be out of your league – matchmaking in the game takes not only the character levels into account, but also player skill, as they are equally important.

The PvP experience satisfies on many different levels, and we’d love for your readers to take a look for themselves. Please kindly share this new Darkspore Producer Diary video today! Let us know if you have any questions or if we can assist with your coverage. Cheers!
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